Solving the Social Media Problem

When I see a problem, I research and figure out any way to solve it; it’s in my nature. So when I saw a problem in the marketing of small business, what did I do? I figured out a way to solve it… by starting my own business!

I noticed that my husband spends countless hours managing his company. And that his marketing, which started as print and door to door, changed to mostly social media marketing over the 6 years. After expending all his time and energy making his business succeed, the last thing he wanted to think about at the end of the day was posting about it on social media.

That’s where I come in

I understand first hand that running a small business is not unlike raising a baby. You give it your all, it’s rewarding, but it is also exhausting. Small businesses need someone who understands them, gets who their company is and then goes above and beyond to help others see it, too.

Heather Riera creates Social Media Growth through Link2Others

Heather Riera • Founder and Owner of Link2Others

We Get To Know Your Business

Link2Others gets to know you and your business goals so we can manage your social media platforms allowing your more time to focus on running your company.

So We Can Grow Your Business

That’s right, we get to know your business, so we can grow your business! I can’t wait to get to know you and start helping reach more customers and get some time back!

− Heather

Social Media Platforms that Link2Others Supports

Link2Others supports the Facebook social media platform
Link2Others supports the Instagram social media platform
Link2Others supports the Pinterest social media platform
Link2Others supports the Facebook social media platform

And Others

While we specialize in these social media platforms, we can surely work with you if there are others that really work for your business.

Plus Blog Posts

We can also create and manage blog posts on a variety of blog sites and link them to your business website.