Getting to Know and Help a Business

As a social media manager, I get to show others what amazing businesses are out there.

One of my favorite parts about Link2Others is that I get to see a different side of a client business, get to know it as if it were my own, and then showcase it in a way that makes me feel proud of the owner.

There has been no better business to do that with than my own husband’s company, Landscape Solutions & Maintenance. I have gotten to personally see the growth of his company over the course of 7 years, from even before its inception.

The Growth of Landscape Solutions

Landscape Solutions has been a household name for us for quite some time now, and has brought us through a lot in our own personal lives.  It has seen the birth of a daughter and the purchase of a new home. But it wasn’t until I sat down and really started to dive into the company and what John envisions and sees for this enterprise that I can truly appreciated it for what it is.

John has taken a company that started with one lawn mower and a fews subcontractor jobs to a successful company that now has 5 employees, 3 trucks, 2 trailers and 2 heavy pieces of equipment, along with a long list of stunning projects and maintenance contracts.

Landscape Solutions & Maintenance focuses on high quality work while staying within a budget.  The team is creative and resourceful in finding ways to meet the needs of their customers and providing them with an end product that is functional, long-lasting as well as beautiful!


Aside from incredibly beautiful work, I would be remiss to mention that Landscape Solutions & Maintenance has spearheaded a community based give back program called Giv2 Community.  Through this program, John has reached the lives of people who are finding a struggling time in their lives and in turn has met some really amazing people.

An Establishment Built on Integrity

I sat down to look over the ideas and musings of John on topics about his business for social media and it occurred to me that he is not running a landscape company; he has created an establishment.  An establishment that is built on integrity, grit and customer service.

All businesses have ups and downs, growing pains if you will, but John takes those as opportunities for growth and expansion. He is modest in knowing that the experiences he has had have gotten him to where he is today and that there will be more experiences to be had that will continue that path.  There’s never an end goal, he just keeps going; creating, planning, resolving and executing.

A Business from Nothing

It is my sincere pleasure, not just as John’s wife, but as his partner in life and business to walk this adventure with him and see the amazing business sense he has for himself and his company.  The pride I feel comes from personally knowing all the hard work, dedication and sleepless nights it has taken to get to this point. I have known much of this for a long time and have been the proud wife of a man who built a business from nothing.

My one regret is that it has taken me 6 years and actually sitting down to read over his thoughts to truly understand the values and core beliefs he has in his creation of Landscape Solutions & Maintenance.  Now I am honored to be his wife, but also to create content for him to show the world this amazing integrity and strength.